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Step 1: Go To The Keyword Elite Sales Page
Click to open to the Keyword Elite website (opens in a new window)
Step 2: Go To The Payment Page
Scroll down the sales page and click the link to buy Keyword Elite. At the bottom of the next page that's displayed, click "Click Here To Download Keyword Elite Instantly!" (but don't submit your payment quite yet).
Step 3: Verify The Affiliate ID
Scroll to the bottom of the payment page and make sure that the area I've circled in red below lists "geckotribe" as the affiliate.
Step 4: Submit Your Payment & Get Your Order Number
Once your payment has been processed, you'll be shown a receipt page. Find and copy your order number:
You can also get your order number from an email receipt that you'll receive:
Step 5: Download Fast JV Instantly!
Complete this form and get your free download immediately! Your email address will be used only to give you access to the Fast JV Users Website, not to add you to any mailing list. Choose any password you wish.

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What Is Keyword Elite?
Do you need help choosing keywords for your AdWords campaigns? Do you want to know which market niches lots of users are searching in -- and more importanly, spending money in? Do you want to know how stiff the competition is in these niches? A keyword research tool can help you with these tasks.

Keyword Elite is the king of keyword research tools for internet marketers. Despite its relatively high price tag, it has long sustained a leading position in the ClickBank marketplace.

Keyword Elite's primary features include the automation of the following tasks: My Recommendations:
Many of Keyword Elite's functions can be performed for free on Google's AdWords website, so depending on what you want to accomplish, it may not be worth the relatively high price (except of course that you'll be getting a $97 product for free if you buy through this page!)

The real value of Keyword Elite lies in the way it integrates various features for convenience, and automates certain high-value tasks that would require lots of work otherwise.

I recommend Keyword Elite if you want to accomplish either of the following high-value goals which Keyword Elite will make significantly easier for you:
  • Selecting profitable niches to venture into -- find niches that lots of people are searching for and spending money in, but which aren't completely overrun with competition.
  • Choosing specific keywords within your niche, including "long tail" phrases, to optimize your content for -- by tweaking the wording of your content, you may be able to capture high search engine rankings for phrases that users are searching for but which your competition hasn't already optimized their content for.
If these aren't of particular interest to you, please read the sales page and decide for yourself whether it's for you.

Keyword Elite's ability to generate massive keyword lists may or may not be useful to you. In my experience, many of the keywords it returns are not relevant, but they are sometimes helpful in suggesting different slants that I would not have thought of myself.

Above, I promised you a big bonus if you decide to buy Keyword Elite -- here's what it is:
What Is Fast JV?
Don't pick up each dollar yourself, let the customer drop it on the pile for you.
Fast JV is a set of scripts that run on your website and increase your affiliate earnings without adding to your workload by automating the delivery of affiliate bonuses like the one on this page.

Why On Earth Am I Giving Away A $97 Product?!
No, I'm not insane or stupid. I'm doing it for the commission I earn on each sale of Keyword Elite, and to demonstrate to you how Fast JV works. When you have Fast JV, you'll be able to sweeten your affiliate links with offers like this too!
If you're not familiar with the concept of affiliate bonuses, they're bonuses offered not by the seller of the product being sold, but by an affiliate who's earning a commission if you buy the product through their affiliate link. Offering bonuses increases sales and thus commissions for the affiliate by increasing the total value of the purchase to the customer without increasing the price, and by enticing the customer to buy through your affiliate link instead of someone else's.

Fast JV automatically verifies whether the customer purchased the required product (or products) through your affiliate link, and if so, delivers the bonus product (or products) to them automatically. Once you've set up your bonus offer, it makes money for you on auto-pilot.

Key features include:
  • Automatic Bonus Product Delivery by download or email.
  • Secure Download Protection: download links automatically expire after the amount of time you specify.
  • Unlimited Simultaneous Promotions all running on auto-pilot.
  • Exclusive User Website Access
  • Free Updates
  • Promotional Strategy Guide: ideas and tips for getting the most out of Fast JV.
  • Affiliate Program Support: supports ClickBank, the Gecko Tribe affiliate program (that's mine), and any other affiliate program that supports the Fast JV Transaction Verification Protocol.
Website Requirements for Fast JV:
This offer may be cancelled at any time without notice, so don't wait too long!
Important Note:
This promotional offer is not the responsibility of ClickBank or the seller of Keyword Elite. ClickBank will not honor refund requests based on the non-delivery, quality or functionality of bonus products. If you have any questions about the promotional item offered on this page, please contact me here to resolve them. Do not contact ClickBank or the seller of Keyword Elite.