"It Seems Incredible...That Even
The Rich Affiliate 'Gurus' Run
Their Promos The Hard Way...
But You Don't Have To!"
Forget about affiliate link cloaking! Some top marketers
like Michael Cheney, Russell Brunson, Keith Wellman
and Gary Ambrose are doing [read on to find out]
instead. But even they are doing it the hard way!
April 22, 2019

From: Antone Roundy
RE: Beating the Affiliate Competition The Easy Way

Dear Affiliate Marketer:

It boggles the mind.

The "gurus" aren't stupid. They know that affiliate marketing is a war. They know that thousands of affiliates are fighting over the same customers. They know that commission "theft" is rampant. They know that customers are more skeptical than ever. And they've learned ways to keep raking in the money.

Why do some affiliates walk away from a promotion with a fist full of dollars while others leave empty handed?

Yes, they know what to do...and yet they're doing it the hard way! But heck, if they're happy, I say let 'em work harder than they have to. We'll use some new tricks.

What's the weapon they're using to crush the little affiliates, and what's the opportunity they're missing? I'll tell you, but first let me give you some background...

Have you ever carefully crafted a perfect affiliate endorsement, sent it out to your list or advertised it in AdWords, and then watched it flop like a mop, pulling in only 2 or 3 sales (or even none)?

We've probably all been there. Most affiliate marketers struggle to increase their conversion rates. The good news is that by using the right tactics, you can overcome the problems of:

  • Too many affiliates promoting the same products
  • Not enough value to convince customers to buy
  • Customers who don't like clicking affiliate links
  • Overloaded customers tuning out whenever they see product promotions
  • and many more...

To understand how difficult these problems are, consider what happens when a new product is launched. It's a feeding frenzy! Everybody promotes it on their blog, to their list, with AdWords, and any other way they can think of. So everyone you promote it to is hearing about it from at least a few other people. Even if you succeed in convincing them to buy, odds are good they'll click somebody else's affiliate link at least once before they get around to buying. Goodbye commission!

And then there are the schmos who, in spite of the great information you've provided that helped them find a great product, just don't like clicking affiliate links, so they go straight to the seller's page and you don't get a penny.

And what about the people who think the product looks great, "but darn it," they say, "why does every product cost $97 these days! It's just too expensive."

How can you catch a customer's attention, motivate them to buy, and make them want to buy through your affiliate link? You do it by giving them a rock solid answer to this question: "What's in it for me!?"

Which would you choose?
If you were going to buy a "Peel Away Ads" script, which option would you choose:
  1. Type in the seller's URL to avoid any affiliate links.
  2. Click any link, affiliate or not.
  3. Click this link and get a free bonus copy of Tetra (a web scroller script).
Option #3, of course! So how can you offer deals like that? Read on...

(By the way, you really can get a free copy of Tetra -- click above for details).

That question is so important, it bears repetition and emphasis:

"What's in it for me!?"

If you don't have an answer to that question, your commission is likely to go to someone else who does.

But if you can offer the better deal, you'll be the one getting the commission. "But wait," you ask, "how can I offer a better deal on somebody else's product?" Here's how the "big boys" do it: they offer extra free bonuses for buying through their affiliate links! (If you're thinking "I don't have a free bonus to give away", keep reading!)

When Mike Filsaime's "The 7 Figure Code" came out, for example, I bought it through Gary Ambrose's affiliate link because I wanted the bonuses he was offering! Without the bonuses, I wasn't quite convinced I should buy it at all. That's the kind of difference an extra bonus can make.

Watch this video to see an example of a bonus offer I ran using Fast JV, and how much money it added to my bank account without my having to lift a finger:

If you think you don't have anything to give away as a bonus...well, even if you are right, that's easy to fix! Do you have any resale rights products lying around? PLR products? Do you have a blog with some good content that you could make a PDF eBook out of? (You can do that easily using OpenOffice.org, which you can download for free).

Don't pick up each dollar yourself, let the customer drop it on the pile for you.

If not, there are plenty of ways to get something that you can give away. (I'll talk more about getting or creating bonus products in my Promotional Strategy Guide and in the members area of this website).

So now we come to the question of how the customer is going to get the bonus product, and this is where a tool I created named "Fast JV" starts to make your life easier.

On the webpage where you offer the bonus, you'll have a form where the buyer can enter the receipt number from their purchase. When they submit the form, Fast JV will automatically verify that you got credit as the affiliate for the purchase, and if so, it will automatically generate a download link or email the bonus product to them (your choice).

You may have noticed the word "automatically" repeated a couple of times in that last paragraph. That's a key feature of Fast JV -- you don't pick up each dollar yourself, you let the customer drop it on the pile for you (even the rich "gurus" haven't figured this trick out yet!) And there's more. Let me give you a quick rundown of what you'll get with Fast JV, including a few free bonuses:

Fast JV The scripts you'll use to set up and run your promotional offers, including an installation script to guide you through the easy setup process.
Secure download protection Fast JV's download script protects your downloads with links containing a secure cryptographic hash that expires automatically after the number of minutes you specify!
Access to the Fast JV users website The Fast JV weblog, links to products you can purchase to use as bonuses, etc. Plus, coming soon for Fast JV users only: discount pricing on resale rights for items you can use as bonus products.
Free updates New features, more affiliate programs, new promotional ideas, etc.

Free Bonuses
Bonus #1: "The Fast JV Promotional Strategy Guide" 10 page eBook by Antone Roundy -- marketing techniques designed specifically to work with Fast JV, and information on acquiring or creating bonus products.
Bonus #2" "Joint Venture Success Secrets" 57 page eBook by Michael Rasmussen and Jason Tarasi (sells elsewhere for $57)
Bonus #3: "Website Conversion Secrets" 21 page eBook by Ewen Chia -- densly packed with excellent tips on writing high-converting sales pages -- (sells elsewhere for $27)

Satisfaction Guarantee:

If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply within 90 days, and I'll refund 100% of the purchase price, no questions asked, and you can keep the free bonuses!

Consider Your Options:

You may be thinking "great idea, but I can send out bonus products by hand or use Affiliate Bonus Manager." Well, that's true, but let's compare Fast JV to those two methods:

Feature Fast JV Affiliate Bonus Manager Do It Manually Notes
Verify that you got credit for the sale Automatic Automatic By hand* * Keep the customer waiting till you get it done
Email bonuses to customers Automatic By hand* * Keep the customer waiting till you get it done
Give the customer a download link Automatic Automatic By hand* * Keep the customer waiting till you email the link
Download link expires automatically * ** * Links expire a set number of minutes after customer first views download page, so even if they post the download link online, your bonus is quickly protected!
** Only if you have a tool for making auto-expiring links, and you'll have problems if the customer doesn't open your email and download in time.
ClickBank support  
Assistance with ClickBank rules regarding bonuses  
Transaction Verification Protocol* support * A system that enables any affiliate program to support Fast JV
Control panel for configuring promotions n/a  
Free upgrades n/a  
Unlimited simultaneous promotions * * Only if you can stop time or have an army of trained monkeys to verify transactions and send out bonuses for you
The 3 free bonuses listed above * An $84 value!
Price One-time payment of only $97 $172/year Time, money, etc.* * The time it takes to do everything manually, profits you could have made running more promotions, profits from "backend" offers you could have made while the customer was in a buying mood, chances to make money during weekends and vacations without angering waiting customers, etc.
Website Requirements:
• PHP 4.0.2 or higher with cURL or fsockopen (Click to download a free script to check your server)

As you can see from the comparison above, if you're at all serious about affiliate marketing, Fast JV is the clear choice for delivering free bonuses to entice more customers to buy through your affiliate links.

It comes with the tools you need to set up and run your promotions and protect your bonus downloads from theft, and 3 eBooks to teach you ways to maximize your online income.

Order any time day or night and download immediately.

Select your preferred payment option. (You must have a PayPal account to use the multi-payment plan. If you do not have a PayPal account yet, you can create one during the checkout process.)

Wanna Try It For A Month Before You Buy?

One of the tools at Instant Affiliate Accelerator is a slightly simplified version Fast JV. If you join now, you can have full access to try it for 30 days for only $1.

Click the link above to see videos of the Affiliate Bonus Delivery System and other tools in action, and get full access to the entire site for a month for only $1.

After a month, if the only tool you want is Fast JV, you can cancel your membership and come back here to get it.

One-Time Payment of $97

Once you have completed the secure payment process, you will be returned to our website for immediate download of Fast JV and the bonus items. The products will be contained in ZIP archives and PDF (Adobe Acrobat) files.

To your success,

Antone Roundy

P.S. If you're debating whether to buy today, consider this: from June to August, my Fast JV-powered Peel Away Ads promotion alone (buy Peel Away Ads and get my Tetra scroller script for free) pulled in commissions at the rate of $2818.54 a year running on auto-pilot! With other promotions, I've made several hundred dollars by sending out a single email. The more promotions I set up, the more I earn!

P.P.S. Once you've purchased, join my affiliate program and earn commissions by promoting Fast JV (you can even use Fast JV to promote itself)!

P.P.P.S. Wanna try it out for free? Since you've read this far, I'll let you in on a little secret -- you can download a free limited edition version of Fast JV that only works with the Gecko Tribe Affiliate Program by joining the Gecko Tribe Affiliate Program!


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